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Enjoy a bath in hop extract

Everyone in the world knows very well that the Czechs are among the absolute leaders in beer production and related procedures. If you visit Prague you should not miss the experience of a real beer spa. Here you can literally load yourself up with hop extract, yeast and other herbs, all duly infused with excellent Czech black beer. This is a warm bath in stylish oak vats, which you can share with your partner or friend for a unique experience while sipping great beer. Our beer baths offer a total of three such vats, so you can come as a group and enjoy this exciting experience together.

Grandior Spa Beer Spa Price List

60 min
1 person
89 EUR
2 persons
119 EUR
3 persons
189 EUR
4 persons
219 EUR
5 persons
239 EUR
6 persons
259 EUR

A private sauna with a minibar can be added to the beer bath: +65 EUR for 60 min. or +119 EUR for 120 min.


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