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Discover perfect tranquility in Eden’s Garden Grandior Spa. Our therapists are highly qualified in various areas of massage to help you relax and feel good. Asian massages are ideal for reducing everyday stress level. Come and relax with us. Our certified team of therapists from the Philippines will make sure you feel your best. We recommend trying our Filipino massage or herbal spa massage after a long journey, which will not only relax you, but also give you energy for your next adventure.

Massage for two person

60 min | price from 158 EUR

Couples massage is a unique shared adventure that motivates couples to bond. It will provide you with unforgettable moments of relaxation and mutual release, deepening your bond. This experience is ideal for couples who want to experience romantic moments together and create new memories. Individualized packages await you at Eden’s Garden so you can choose exactly what suits your wants and needs.

We recommend

Filipino massage

60–90 min | price from 85 EUR

At Eden’s Garden, we offer the exceptional Filipino Hilot massage, which is highly valued among our clients for its ability to not only relax the body, but also induce deep harmony and well-being. This unique massage technique combines gentle massage procedures with acupressure and stretching, which is ideal for removing muscle tension and reducing stress. We especially recommend it after a hard day or a long journey.

Deep tissue massage

60–90 min | price from 85 EUR

Our deep tissue massage at Eden’s Garden is perfect for everyone, not just athletes. Dynamic movements aimed at stimulating the muscles will not only relax your body, but also improve mobility and help with chronic tension. Our recommendations apply if you suffer from muscle tension or pain caused by long periods of sitting on a plane or in a car. Deep tissue massage can help alleviate these problems.

Relaxation massage

60–90 min | price from 85 EUR

Relax with a relaxing oil massage. This therapy is suitable for all ages and combines gentle and stimulating techniques that reduce muscle tension and stress. Our massage improves physical and emotional well-being, promotes blood circulation and increases body flexibility. A relaxing massage that is ideal for deep relaxation after a long and challenging journey and is also ideal for improving health and well-being.

Aroma massage

60–90 min | price from 85 EUR

Discover the world of aromatherapy, where natural oils from flowers and plants stimulate body and mind. Our aroma massages with essential oils not only improve mood and promote health, but also offer deep relaxation. Come experience harmony and renewal through the power of nature. Immerse yourself in aromatherapy and discover its healing effects for a better quality of life. We recommend it not only after a long flight for quality sleep and relaxation.

Thai oil massage

60–90 min | price from 85 EUR

Experience perfect relaxation with our combination of traditional Thai and relaxing oil massage. Our unique therapy, involving gentle stretching and long strokes, effectively relieves pain and tension, increases blood flow and relaxes muscles. Our experienced masseurs will guide you on the way to deep relaxation and renewal of body and spirit. Enjoy a sense of inner peace and renewed energy with our Thai oil massage.

Traditional Thai massage

60–90 min | price from 79 EUR

Thai massage at Eden’s Garden is a perfect symbiosis of yoga and acupressure. This unique form of massage therapy focuses on energy lines in the body and combines gentle stretching and deep massage techniques. It is ideal for relieving muscle tension, improving flexibility and promoting overall well-being. Thai massage is suitable for anyone looking for deep relaxation and regeneration of body and mind.

Lomi Lomi massage

60–90 min | price from 85 EUR

Hawaiian oil massage Lomi Lomi, which means “loving hands” in Hawaiian, is a combination of Swedish relaxation massage with maximum pressure. Masseurs use their elbows and forearms to increase the effectiveness of the massage. This type of massage provides deep relaxation through smooth, rhythmic movements and energy transfer therapy. It is ideal for relieving stress and muscle tension and offers an effective way to relax.

Massage with lava stones

60–90 min | price from 89 EUR

Warm lava stones and essential oils have a therapeutic effect, relieve pain and warm muscles and muscle tissue. This massage relieves tension and offers deep relaxation. The combination of hot stones and essential oils relieves pain and relaxes tense muscles. For more intense and effective muscle relaxation, the therapist uses smooth, heated stones that are placed on the body or used during the massage.

Royal massage

60–90 min | price from 89 EUR

This unique technique involves the use of herbal compresses and essential oils that penetrate the skin and provide immediate relief and relaxation. This massage is ideal for those looking for relaxation without intense muscle kneading. At Eden’s Garden we use a special blend of herbs and oils to help release tension, improve circulation and relieve stress. Come and experience the relaxing and healing effect.

Four Hands Massage

60–90 min | price from 165 EUR

Try our exclusive four-hand massage in Eden’s Garden. Perfect relaxation with a pair of therapists. Our unique range of massages, including a unique Filipino massage, will provide you with an unforgettable relaxing experience. Thanks to the synchronized movements of our experienced therapists, you will experience maximum relief from tension and stress. An ideal choice for hotel guests and visitors looking for a quality massage.


Pregnancy massage

60–90 min | price from 85 EUR

This massage for expectant mothers brings relaxation and pain relief, especially in the back. It is performed with gentle strokes similar to a relaxing oil massage, using a bolster and pillow for maximum comfort. Massage is safe and recommended at any time during pregnancy, except in the first trimester. It is an ideal way to take care of yourself and your unborn child, reduce stress and increase overall well-being.

Back and neck massage

60–90 min | price from 79 EUR

At Eden’s Garden, we offer back and neck massages that effectively relieve pain and improve mobility. We use special oils that warm and perfuse the skin, providing relief from stress and muscle stiffness. This massage is ideal for people who suffer from muscle tension or have a stiff neck after a long flight. Come and experience instant relief and relaxation thanks to our experienced masseurs and soothing environment.

Head and face massage

60–90 min | price from 79 EUR

Immerse yourself in a deep sense of well-being as we remove stress and tension. Our techniques not only improve your health and beauty, but also blood circulation to the skin, help with hair loss and improve sleep. Our gentle yet effective approaches provide migraine relief, calm the mind and promote overall recovery. Let yourself be pampered in an environment of peace and harmony, where every touch is focused on your well-being.

Foot massage

60–90 min | price from 79 EUR

At Eden’s Garden, we offer a reflexology foot massage, ideal for tourists after a long, strenuous sightseeing walk. This ancient method relieves tension, supports the body’s self-healing abilities and restores balance. It focuses on pressure points on the feet associated with organs and glands that bring relief and harmony. It is suitable for all age categories, provides relaxation and promotes health.

Massage + herbal bath

60–90 min | price from 109 EUR

Herbal bath combined with massage combines the healing effects of herbs and relaxation during massage. We start with a bath in warm water with selected herbs that relax muscles and open pores. This prepares the body for the next phase, which includes massage. This therapy is ideal for detoxification, improved sleep and general well-being, and also helps with muscle pain and stress. Take time for yourself and experience the renewal of body and mind.


Massage + peeling

60–90 min | price from 109 EUR

This therapy begins with a massage that relieves muscle tension and induces a state of deep relaxation. This is followed by an exfoliation that removes dead skin cells using natural exfoliating ingredients such as sea salt or powdered sugar. This combination not only revitalizes the skin, but also promotes better blood circulation and detoxification. You will feel fresher and more radiant after this treatment.


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