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Relax your tired body in the Finnish sauna, open all your pores in the steam sauna and soak up the interesting aromas in the aromatic sauna. And if you just want to gently warm up your body and let the sea salt have a beneficial effect on your respiratory system, visit our tepidarium and salt cave.

Finnish sauna

In the Finnish sauna, heat is generated from the sauna stove located directly in the sauna. The hot air in the sauna spreads and warms your entire body. The Finnish sauna reaches a high temperature with minimal humidity. Stay in the Finnish sauna cabin for about 15 minutes, then take a shower and cool off in the shower, by the ice well or the bucket of cold water.

Steam sauna

Regular visits to the sauna and alternating temperatures lead to an increase in the number of white blood cells in the body. hite blood cells are essential for the body’s resistance to environmental bacteria and viruses. In addition, you also open your skin pores and get rid of dead skin in the steam sauna. Steam sauna is also beneficial for cleansing the respiratory tract due to its high humidity.

We recommend

Aroma sauna

Aroma sauna is basically a traditional Finnish sauna. You can feel the biggest rays when you breathe in, because in an aromatic sauna, the aromatic essence is spread and dosed automatically onto the hot lava stones. The pleasant vapours then permeate the entire sauna and have a positive effect on your mental state.


Jacuzzi is basically the name for a whirlpool. It is one of the best means to quickly relax the body, regain energy and eliminate stress and tension. The air jets provide a so-called bubble bath. The massage is provided by powerful air and water pumps. A hot tub will keep you at an optimum temperature not only during the winter months.

Salt tepidarium

The salt tepidarium is an integral part of our wellness. It is a room where you can warm up your body with the heat radiating from special loungers and heated walls. At the same time, oxygen is released into the air and everything is enhanced by the heated salt that is released into the air. This place will be appreciated not only by people with respiratory problems.

Private room with sauna and minibar

Discover the magic of sauna bathing in undisturbed privacy for two. We invite you to a private room equipped with comfortable beds, a private sauna just for you, a shower and a toilet. The price of the private room includes access to the public part of the wellness area which includes other saunas and jacuzzi. Enjoy an undisturbed experience and order your favourite drink.

Price list for wellness in Grandior Spa

90 min
120 min
Saunas, jacuzzi, salt tepidarium, relax zone
22 EUR
29 EUR

Each extra hour = 15 EUR.


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